With the two main passions in my life being design and cannabis, I feel lucky to have combined them, allowing me to constantly be doing what I love.

About Me

I have always had a love for design and feel that my creative nature surpasses all other inherent traits. I am mostly a self-taught designer, having had help along the way from some amazing teachers and mentors. I started designing after opening a bridal consignment store; my first business. I quickly realized that art and design could develop into more than just a passion for me.

After doing the 9-5 grind for several reputable companies, I decided that being chained to a desk was just not for me. My focus now is to experiment with the wonders of cannabis, collaborate with other industry professionals and offer my skills to new and existing businesses in the industry.

I am passionate about start-up collaboration and design, supporting women owned businesses in the industry, travel, medicinal and entheogenic uses of cannabis, hemp apparel design, writing and networking event coordination.

I have worked in many modalities within the cannabis industry including growing, trimming, product development, event coordination, sales, marketing, photography, and design. My connection with cannabis goes much deeper than simply needing to get "high" or to profit from the sale of it. I see cannabis as one of the great plant medicine teachers. It has brought much clarity, happiness and peace into my life. Of course, it also serves as great source of inspiration and brings a greater level of creativity to my work. I am honored to be a native to Colorado and grateful to have the opportunity to bring my passions and work together in this ever growing industry. 


About You

I enjoy working with clients that are laid back, conscious and clear in their needs and desires. My perfect client would be either of the following:

  • Knows exactly what they want and can concisely articulate what they have in mind

  • Has no idea what they want and allows me to create as I see fit

The in-betweeners, as I call them, vague yet demanding are sure to get my knickers in a twist.

Not in the industry? No problem! Whatever your business needs are, I am here to help. So if you have a fun project in mind that you would like to see come in to fruition through the visions of an industry designer, lets discuss the possibilities.


I am eager to take on as many projects as possible but due to an increase in workload and a decrease in time because of the many projects I have prior commitments to, I am only able to accept select clients. Please contact me to discuss your project and my availability.